Trailer of upcoming documentary film “I Am A Feminist”

On March 7, 2015, before the international Women’s Day, five feminists in China were arrested before a peaceful demonstration about domestic violence. They were wrongfully detained for 37 days and the case sparked a global outrage. The film followed some of the feminists in China and explored their quest of gender equality and challenges with the government.

An Immigrant Story: H4 Visa Is A Curse

Priya has been living in the U.S. on a H4 visa for the past 12 years. H4 visa is a dependent visa where she is not allowed to work at all. Despite of a masters’ degree from India and up to seven years of work experience, Priya has to spent the last decade only staying at home. Her desire to build her career and the conflict with the immigration system has led her to deep depression and later she was diagnosed with breast cancer. The new immigration executive order of President Obama’s will take effect on May 26, according to which a certain group of H4 visa holders will be granted employment authorization. Priya has finished her cancer treatments and is eagerly waiting to start working again.